20 years ago, after an almost 150 year history building the nation, Bethlehem Steel shut down steelmaking in Bethlehem. To help the community work through what was an undeniably traumatic event, Touchstone created and assembled a collection of artwork and performance into a festival called Steelbound: Art of an Industry.

Now, as 2019 approaches, two decades after that extraordinary event, we face different, subtler challenges. Who are we, now that the Steel is gone? What are the greatest challenges we face as a community now that we are “unbound”? What are the values that will help hold us together as we face the task of shaping our collective future?

Bethlehem, as a community, was first defined by the Moravian utopian experiment. In 2019; Festival UnBound will take up the mantle of that dream once more and endeavor to understand, celebrate and envision this, our 20th century village. Through story gathering, group discussions, and collective creations, Touchstone and its community partners will explore where our history has taken us and begin to discover possibilities for an even better future.

Join us in October 2019 for Festival UnBound – ten days of music, theatre, dance, community dialogue, forging a vision forward– through art– for Bethlehem, our home by the river.