Festival UnBound

September 4-October 24, 2020
Visioning the future – through art – together

In 1998, after an almost 150 year history building this nation, Bethlehem Steel finally shut down steel making here in Bethlehem. It was a traumatic event, and Touchstone, to help the community work its way through it, created and assembled several works of art and cultural projects into a festival called Steel Festival: The Art of an Industry.

In October 2019, twenty years after that extraordinary event, we began to explore questions of a different and perhaps more daunting nature. Who are we, now that the Steel is gone? What are the challenges ahead, and what are the values that will hold the community together as we face the task of shaping our future? Out of these questions came our first year of Festival UnBound, a collection of arts and community dialogue around concerns of diversity, sustainability, health, youth leadership, and interconnectedness.

Now, in an extraordinary 2020, the conversation – and the festival – continues. Join us!


All events, unless otherwise noted, will take place in the Touchstone parking lot with tables and chairs for guests set up at least six feet apart. We’ll have hand sanitizer and extra PPE available, and for those who aren’t ready to join in person, many of the events will also be available by livestream or digital recording so you can enjoy from home. We will keep adapting to CDC and state guidelines, while we continue tackling these important conversations in 2020.

We’ve already kicked things off in July 2020 with the Lehigh Valley Song Project (if you missed it, catch the “Lehigh Valley be Free” video, and our webcast of the Songs of Hope and Resistance concert), and we can’t wait to keep things going. More details here on events, rain dates, and other logistics.


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