What Our Partners Say

What Teachers are Saying…

Toni has always been a wonderful student and the programs she has participated in have just magnified her potential. Her confidence has increased as well as her willingness to initiate conversations with other classmates.”

—Central Elementary School teacher

 Daniel is a great kid for after school programs because he struggles in many areas in school. He is a wonderful boy, and the program gave him a place to shine in front of his peers. He really looked forward to going to his programs and they gave him a very positive experience in school.”

—Central Elementary School teacher

 “I have watched withdrawn and shy students turn into creative and imaginative actors, directors, and playwrights.  Through a variety of theater games, the students have become a like-minded community of young, enthusiastic performers and writers.  This experience has become a delightful one for me and I find myself looking forward to each session and consider it a privilege to be a part of this outstanding program.”

—East Hills Middle School teacher

This program fits right into English/Language Arts and ESOL–my teaching areas.  Speaking, listening, reading and writing are the 4 ‘Domains’ or the English language taught in the ESOL program. [My approach to the arts] has deepened.”

—Nitschmann Middle School teacher

James is in the process of being diagnosed with a social spectrum disorder.  He is wildly imaginative and works much better in small groups – a setting that was offered by the [Young Playwrights Lab] program.  It also gave him an outlet for his creativity in a form and place where it is appropriate, as opposed to class time when it is not always appropriate.”

—Central Elementary School teacher

“The most valuable part of this session was watching these students who might have a tough time expressing themselves verbally or written in the regular classroom do a fantastic job in this program. The proof is watching them write, revise, type, and create a final copy of their own plays.”

—Donegan Elementary School teacher

What students are saying…

“I have just discovered that I can express what I can imagine.  I’ve never thought of anything like this before.”

—Sabrina, East Hills Middle School student

“I didn’t know how energetic I am. I am so proud of myself because I am a shy shy person and since I came here I opened up.”

—Alyson, East Hills Middle School student

“I learned how to use my imagination.”

—Jasmeire, Central Elementary School student

“It is fun writing plays at Young Playwrights.  I also learned that at Young Playwrights you don’t have to worry about people teasing you and making fun of what you did wrong.”

—T.P, Nitschmann Middle School student

“I discovered that I can write plays.  I found out that I have a good imagination.  I found out that anything can be a plot.”

—J.B., Nitschmann Middle School student