Christmas City Follies XXIV

Directed by: Jp Jordan

Performed by: the Touchstone Ensemble and friends

December 1-22, 2023
Thursdays - Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm
With an additional show on Wednesday, December 20 at 7pm


For 24 years, Touchstone has been ringing in December with this fan-favorite holiday variety show of music, merriment, seasonal joy, and festive hi-jinx (and jingle bells, panda bears, colorful characters, and shopping carts, of course)! Spike that eggnog, sharpen those candy canes, and wake up from that long winter’s nap because you don’t want to miss this (family-friendly) vaudevillian variety show of the most wonderful time of the year. Get your tickets early, and meet us under the mistletoe!

[Image description: A woman stands in the middle of the image, she holds a lit candle out in front of her, looking up and off into the distance, a hopeful grin gracing her face. She wears a crown of multicolored flowers, leaves, and fruits, and a red patterned dress with a white lace shawl. Behind her the background is blurry, but we can make out two figures each holding large, brightly decorated stars above their heads. Behind them all, the beauty of the Northern Lights fills the sky.]