Spring Festival of New Works – Fresh Voices

June 4th and 5th (rain date for outdoor performances: June 6th)

Suggested donation $10


The MFA class of 2022 presents original, devised work exploring shifting identities, how to process change, and connecting after chaos. The festival will consist of five short solo pieces (15-20 minutes each) and one longer group piece (30 minutes), broken up into three different tickets so you can choose your own adventure. We recommend all of the pieces but fully understand different comfort levels with COVID-19 still upon us. Please note that all performers are fully vaccinated.

Check out our digital program here!

Venue: Touchstone Graduate Hub
The Conversation Parlor by Matt Prideaux
30 minute time slots between 12:00pm and 3:00pm

A one-on-one interactive performance exploring the lack of intimacy that we’ve all faced over the past year. Whether you need someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, or a nice big hug, this performance seeks to provide you what you might be lacking, and hopefully help you to feel a little less alone.

Venue: Touchstone Theatre
6:00p and 7:00p

Salvage by Abbie Jean Litman

To rescue from a loss, recover to an akin condition, and reclaim a new identity.

Baby Teeth by Kat Anderegg

Diving into the inner abyss. “Be silent and listen… you wanted to accept everything, so accept madness.” -Carl Jung

Venue: Touchstone’s new, outdoor Barrio Stage

Hello, My Name Is Eloise by Jessica Boothe

A storybook come to life, exploring the struggles of moving to a new city. Eloise, the cat, learns about her fears and the world around her.

Speak In Starts by Sara Group

In William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Viola (disguised) says, “I am not that I play.” I wonder if I might be. OR: It’s about Shakespeare, but it’ll be fun, I promise.

After Everything by the MFA class of 2022

A group of people exiled and bound together by a silencing mark discover new landscapes and a possible savior. A largely movement-based piece that examines the consequences that come with getting what you want. 

More info on the ticket page! We hope that you will make a day of it; if you have any questions, contact us at touchstone@touchstone.org or 610-867-1689.