Games We Play

Performed by: Emma Ackerman & Chris Egging

February 16-26, 2023
Thursdays-Saturdays at 8p, Sundays at 2p

Adult - $25
Seniors & Students - $15
Thursdays - Pay-What-You-Will tickets are available at the door. Regularly priced tickets may still be purchased in advance to guarantee seats.


How do you remember your childhood best friends? What defines the nostalgia you have with those you know best? Set in a time where friendships were forged in mix CDs and make-believe, this two-person performance by company members Emma Ackerman and Chris Egging is a playful exploration of the ways we try— and fail— to connect.


RUN TIME: 85 minutes, with no intermission.

POST-PERFORMANCE: On Friday Feb 17 and Friday Feb 24, there will be a talkback with Emma Ackerman and Chris Egging, immediately following the performance in the theatre.

CONTENT WARNING: This performance contains minimal use of adult language and some adult themes. Parental guidance is suggested for children under 13.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION:  Accessible restrooms are available inside Touchstone Theatre. Accessible seating is available; please contact Touchstone Theatre via phone at (610) 867-1689 or via email at to reserve accessible seating in advance or inquire about accessible parking.

[Image description: A tall white man with brown hair leans over a fence, behind a light-skinned, mixed race woman with short black hair, handing her a CD which she receives over her shoulder. Both are wearing jeans, flannels, and backpacks; the background grey-skied and overgrown by nature, with fallen leaves underfoot.]