Kitchen Chronicles

February 10-20, 2022
Thursdays-Saturdays @ 8p, Sundays @ 2p


From the kitchen to the stage; parts one and two of this multi-year project brought us from our own kitchens to a shared kitchen at PBS. Now, join real-life mother and daughter Mary Wright and Katie Willmorth as they explore themes of legacy, magic, the miracle of Cool Whip– you know, pretty much everything and the kitchen sink– and try to figure out why, hungry or not, we always end up in the kitchen.

[Image description: A mother and daughter with short red hair stand in front of a kitchen cabinet, with mismatched, hand-made coffee mugs in hand and lifted to their mouths.]

Please note: Event details – venue, number of performances, seating capacity, etc. – may adjust as we do in order to provide a COVID-safe environment for ourselves and our community. Thank you for your understanding and for staying flexible with us!