Who Wants to Be Matt?

Directed by: Matt Prideaux

April 23 @ 6:30p

Pay What You Will - ticket proceeds donated to Tiny Changes (more info at tinychanges.com)


A one night only, interactive, semi-competitive, theatrical performance, exploring ideas of identity, sexuality, mental health, suicide, and getting covered in slime. (The first two rows might get wet.) Created by Touchstone/Moravian MFA student Matt Prideaux.

Ticket proceeds donated to Tiny Changes.

CONTENT WARNING: During this performance there will be scenes that contain disturbing and realistic portrayals of self harm and suicide, as well as explicit sexual content, which may evoke uncomfortable emotions. Viewer discretion is advised. Recommended for ages 16 and up.

[Image description: A square graphic that reads “WHO WANTS TO BE MATT?” in yellow letters. The background is purple, overlaid with mirrored, rainbow-stylized images of Matt, a white, male-presenting performer dressed in a suit.]