Wish You Were Here: Zion

Available starting April 4

You get a postcard in the mail. On one side are the words ZION NATIONAL PARK over a photo of towering red canyon walls with a river flowing between them. You flip the postcard over and see the message, “Wish you were here!”

Well, you can be. Sort of. In a new audio experience from Touchstone/Moravian MFA student Sara Group, you can journey to, through, and around Zion without leaving… wherever you happen to be. Grab a pair of headphones, and enjoy the trip.

Available starting April 4 at saragroupprojects.com

[Image description: A photo of red rock formations above pale green landscape and under a cloudy, grey sky, taken at Zion National Park. At the top of the image, black lettering reads: WISH YOU WERE HERE: ZION – an audio tour by Sara Group]