Artist in Residence – Anne Labovitz

Daily throughout the festival


Over the course of Festival Unbound, special guest artist Anne Labovitz will bring her I Love You Institute to each event. Working with the community and volunteers, we will create a Community Quilt with 6” tyvek squares, grommets, and zip ties. Inspired by a prompt, created especially for this community, each participant will create their own work. The prompt is: “What are you grateful for?” Each person is welcome to contribute a drawing or text to the Community Quilt by drawing or writing directly on top of the hand-painted square.

During the Festival Unbound Closing Ceremony, the Community Quilt will be carried by volunteers to Sand Island and suspended from the bridge. The artwork will symbolize our communal gratitude and a coming together. The Community Quilt will remain in the permanent collection of Touchstone Theater for future display and celebrations.

Want to get involved ahead of the festival? Let us know what you’re grateful for at our easy survey!

[Image description: a white woman wearing a paint-splattered black top, a cross-body bag, white mask, and glasses. Her arms are held wide as she stands in front of a large, colorful painting, with bold, abstract brush-strokes in pink, blue, white, and yellow.]


Anne Labovitz of the I Love You Institute will be at ALL the Festival UnBound events inviting audience members to participate in a collaborative community art project that will culminate at the Closing Ceremony. Please visit the various event websites to find out when you can join her!  

Want to learn more about the I Love You Institute and Community Quilt? Join us for a community conversation on Wednesday, 9/29 at 12-1pm, where Anne Labovitz will be the special guest. More info here.

ACCESSIBILITY INFORMATION: We encourage people of all abilities to participate in this community art project.  

**COVID-19 SAFETY** Please check the individual event websites to understand venue specific guidelines. When in doubt, show up in a mask and physical distance.   

Please do not attend if you are not feeling well. Unsure if you should stay home? Take this questionnaire to help make an informed decision.