Welcome Home: An Audio Tour

Saturday, September 18-Sunday, October 3
*MFA performance - Pre-Festival

TICKETS: Free! Donations welcome.


Digital program book HERE!

Put on a pair of headphones, press play, and take a tour of your own home almost as if you are visiting it for the first time. Inspired by the isolation and time spent inside during the height of the pandemic, Welcome Home, an original piece created by Touchstone/Moravian MFA student Sara Group, will give you a new perspective on an extremely familiar space.

Want to take the tour? Here’s what to do:

Step one:
Fill out this super brief survey.

Step two:
Take the tour! We recommend listening with headphones; and either through the Google Drive app, or by downloading it to your device if it opens in a browser.

Step three:
Send any photos that you took during the tour to saramadelinegroup@gmail.com

Step four:
Spread the word (and the link) if you enjoyed yourself!

[Image description: A pink graphic with a stylized series of brown houses in outline diagonally across the center. Text at upper right reads “Welcome Home” and at lower left “an audio tour.”]


The audio tour will be available on this webpage on September 18th via a Google Drive link. You may want to download the Google Drive app for ease, but you can also listen in a browser or download the file from Drive once you click on the link. The tour is about 35 minutes. It is essential that you listen in your home, and recommended that you do so with headphones and a device that allows you to move around freely.

ACCESSIBILITY: A transcript of the audio tour will remain available through October 3rd for guests who may be deaf or hard of hearing.