Touchstone Theatre has a history of touring since its inception in 1981 – traveling locally to parks and playgrounds and as far away as England and Chile. Touring for the 2016-17 season includes:

Children & Family Touring Work



The Story of Poochie’s Three Hundred and Seventy Second Birthday AND How the Hunga Munga Munga SAVED HIS LIFE! Join master storyteller and Touchstone co-founder, Bill George, in the amusing and thrilling tale of Poochie’s eventful birthday, how the animals helped him, and how, sometimes, what you fear most can be your salvation. With music, audience participation, and lots of joyful silliness.

(Recommended for Pre-K through 3rd Grade) Contact Bill George by email or by calling 610.867.1689.

Link to video available.

All Youth and Family performances include:

  • A post-show talkback available upon request,
  • A press release to build excitement in your audience,
  • Discounts for multiple performances at your venue.

Touchstone also offers workshops to foster the creativity of your students or community, please inquire.

Adult Touring Work



A one-person dramatic performance with flautist

It being over 150 years since Henry, aged 27, retreated to the woods “to settle himself, and work,” the causes of his concerns are still very much with us, and in many cases, have only waxed more grievous. The voice you hear on the stage is not only his or that of the actor; it is, perhaps, the everlasting and innocent soul of humanity itself —longing for truth, freedom, beauty, Life.

Mr. George – one of Pennsylvania’s finest theatre artists, recipient of the coveted Fringe First Award for outstanding new works at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland, awarded the 1995 Pennsylvania Solo Theatre Artist Fellowship, Founder and Ensemble Member of Touchstone Theatre, Bethlehem, PA – has created this exquisite adaptation of Henry David Thoreau’s classic, Walden, to tour colleges, high schools and theatre-art venues. The full-length evening work features Thoreau’s text mounted in a frame of gestural simplicity and direct address. It is the story of an innocent soul, troubled by his times, who retreats to the woods to understand the full meaning and test the validity of the many assumptions about living that society takes for granted. While there he has many adventures and natural encounters and is, in one sense, adopted by the “spirits” of Nature. Learning through his encounter with a mischievous and elusive loon, HD slowly comes to understand the ultimate frustration and joy of his quest.

Contact Bill George by email or by calling 610.867.1689 for more info.

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