Current Projects


20 years after Touchstone Theatre’s groundbreaking Steelbound:  Art of an Industry, Touchstone transforms the community once again with its 2019 community-wide two-week Festival, (un)Bound.  Through story gathering, group discussions and collective creations, the Company and its community partners explore the changes we have gone through over the last 20 years and imagine a vision for Bethlehem’s future.

Bethlehem, as a community, was first defined by the Moravian utopian experiment and eventually subsumed into the industrial revolution and the almost “feudal culture” of
Bethlehem Steel.  After nearly two decades without the Steel, we ask the questions:

– What is the new center of gravity to our identity?
– How have we changed since the ending of the Steel?
– What’s to hold us together as a community as we move forward?
– What challenges does the future hold?
– If we were to write our story, what would it be now?

Advancing our understanding of these questions is our reason for undertaking this project and the project itself can perhaps be an example of the answer we’re trying to imagine – collaborative, broadly inclusive, creative, artful, socially responsible.